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UK's 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Dec 19, 2019

With 25% of the UK population owning a total of over 11 million pet cats, there's no doubt that we really do love our feline friends.

Across the streets of Britain there are a large array of cat breeds prowling, darting round corners and casually tip toeing on fences.

With distinguishing features like their fur, ears, size, personalities, and colour, some breeds could not be more different from each other. To find out more about each individual breed, you could visit the cat breed section of our website which details the traits and personalities of some of the most popular breeds.

With so many different breeds, the real question is, which is the most popular? We all have our favourites, so it's difficult to choose. Luckily there has been plenty of research which helps settle the matter.

So here they are, your top 10 cat breeds:

Grey British Shorthair car lying down stretched out on its side and looking a the camera with golden eyes

1. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is the oldest recorded cat breed in England and has always been very popular among cat owners.

They are loved for their larger than life personality, their round bodies, short, thick and plush coat and their round, happy faces which make them perfect for a squishy cuddle.

Luckily their placid, affectionate nature means they usually reciprocate your love and hugs, so they're the perfect choice for someone who dreams of snuggling with their cat on the sofa.

Find out more about British Shorthair cats in their breed profile.

Majestic Bengal cat lying on a pedestal staring directly at the camera with green eyes

2. Bengal

Bengal cats are renowned for their handsome features and striking spots which gives them an exotic look just like a miniature leopard.

Their spots are a result of breeding between domestic cats and the wild Asian Leopard Cat.

As well as their unique looks, they are exceptionally intelligent, loyal and loving with a seemingly endless amount of energy.

Find out more about Bengal cats in their breed profile.

Large Siamese cat sitting down on a patio outside and staring directly at the camera with blue eyes

3. Siamese

The Siamese cat is a sophisticated breed that originated in Thailand, hence the name (Siam being the old name for Thailand).

They are perhaps one of the most recognisable breeds thanks to their colouring which is typically a light coloured coat with dark ‘points’, points being ears, feet, tails and faces.

They’re also known for their love of talking. They are incredibly vocal and will talk to you throughout the day whether you want to listen or not.

You can expect plenty of snuggles on your lap or beside you in bed from this intelligent, loving and affectionate breed.

Find out more about Siamese cats in their breed profile.

Brown, black and white Maine Coon cat lying down outside looking directly at the camera

4. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is without a doubt the largest breed of domesticated cat. In fact, the largest ever cat was a Maine Coon called Stewie who measured a huge 48.5 inches long.

Their massive appearance is matched only by their very affectionate, sweet natured and gentle personalities which makes them one of the UK's most loved cats.

Past their loving nature, they also can’t resist clowning around and love to sleep in peculiar places, which can be hilarious due to their size and shaggy coat.

Find out more about Maine Coons in their breed profile.

Pure white Persian cat lying down next to a window inside

5. Persian

The Persian is a very elegant breed who has an incredibly sweet nature that has made them a very popular breed for many years.

They have a long slim body with a round head and a snub nose, chubby cheeks and big round eyes.

They are generally a docile breed who will happily either sit on your lap or elsewhere and view the goings on from afar.

Find out more about Persian cats in their breed profile.

Ragdoll cat lying down on the window sill inside

6. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll, so named because they go completely limp when they’re held, is one of the biggest domestic cats, yet they are also one of the most calm and friendly.

Their lovable temperament is matched only by their adorable looks. In fact, they look just like big cuddly teddy bears with a super fluffy coat, incredible blue eyes and large, round, tufted paws.

They are very affectionate and just love attention, often following you around the house and loving nothing more than to snuggle on your lap and have a snooze.

Find out more about Ragdolls in their breed profile.

Russian Blue cat lying down on the window sill next to its best

7. Russian Blue

The Russian Blue gets their name from their beautiful coat and their origins which, although not certain, is believed to be Russia.

They are a very smart looking breed, with an elegant and slender body, a velvety soft blue coat and stunning green eyes.

They are a gentle, quiet cat with a reserved nature which can make them shy, especially with strangers.

Despite their slightly shy nature, they do love to play. They love to jump or climb to high places where they can survey their surroundings and decide for themselves if they want to join in.

Find out more about Russian Blues in their breed profile.

Cute Scottish Fold cat lying down on the back of a sofa and looking at the camera with golden eyes

8. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is simply adorable and their appearance and personality have made them very popular.

Their popularity has also increased rapidly in recent years thanks to their famous friends. For example, if you look at Taylor Swift’s social media, you will find plenty of images of her very own Scottish Fold.

Perhaps their most defining feature is their namesake, with around 50% of all Scottish Folds having folded ears which range from single fold, to double or even triple fold.

They’re a very affectionate breed who love human attention whether that human is big or small, young or old. They’re also incredibly easy going and seem to have the perfect balance of playfulness, energy and need for attention.

It’s not just their ears that make the Scottish Fold stand out. They are also known for getting in hilarious positions, most notably standing up like a meerkat.

Find out more about Scottish Folds in their breed profile.

Savannah cat with large ears lying down and looking directly at the camera

9. Savannah Cat

The Savannah Cat, like the Bengal, is bred from a domestic cat and a wild cat, this time the medium-sized African Serval.

They’re elegant and lean with long legs, a graceful neck and tall ears and they have distinctive spots which show off their wild heritage.

Savannah’s are a playful, adventurous and loyal breed with a mild temperament that makes them a wonderful companion, even with other pets and children.

With a Savannah, you will want to keep your guard up, because they're known to be a bit of a prankster.

Find out more about Savannah Cat's in their breed profile.

Pink, hairless Sphynx cat with wrinkly skin

10. Sphynx

At number 10 we have the Sphynx which is by far the most recognisable breed thanks to their lack of fur, in place of which they have a suede like coat that makes them warm and soft to the touch.

Despite what could be perceived as a slightly evil look, they are in fact a very sweet natured, affectionate cat who loves people and will do almost anything for attention.

It doesn’t take long for owners to fall in love with their Sphynx thanks to their loving nature and clown like personality.

Find out more about Sphynx Cat's in their breed profile.

This list only has 10 of the hundreds of types of cats you can choose from, so making the right choice can seem difficult. That's why we've created individual guides for the most popular cats which you can find in our Pet Advice column.

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