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Best Cat Breeds for People Who Own a Dog

May 21, 2021
Cat and dog cuddling

Cats and dogs will always be locking horns, so keeping both of them in the same home can be a real problem, especially if your cat can't handle being near a dog at all.

Luckily, some cats can get along just fine with their canine buddies and they will even love to cuddle, play, and sleep in the same bed.

If you want to adopt dog-friendly cats, you are in for a treat! We compiled a list of some of the most practical cat breeds that will definitely come in handy.

Birman lying down

1. Birman

Do you want to know the best dog-friendly cats? Well, the Birman deserves a spot on our list.

This cat breed loves a game of tag. They enjoy taking turns being chased when playing, which makes them a perfect dog companion. In general, this cat is a very calm breed and they tend to run alongside your dog.

Due to their luxurious and posh look, they make for a popular choice among many families.

To start the desensitization, let the dog see the cat for a brief moment, preferably when you get it through the gate. This is especially a good idea if your dog feels irritated or annoyed. Then, get them to focus on their favourite toy or a cue you practised with them. With careful and continuous viewings, the dog and cat will get comfortable with each other.

At first, the Birman tends to be territorial however it doesn’t express that in aggressive behaviour. Instead, it likes to maintain its careful dominance. What’s unique about this breed is that it usually attaches to a single member of the family, so it’s not uncommon for it to show jealousy when you are petting the dog.

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British Shorthair stretched out

2. British Shorthair

Do you want a cat that’s a little aloof and independent? If you do, then the British Shorthair might do the trick. This is a very social and loving breed that loves company and tends to get attached to humans, cats, and, of course, dogs as well.

The peculiar characteristic of this cat breed is that it doesn’t respond with aggression right away, no matter how much a puppy is annoying it. What it often does is remove itself from what’s annoying them and put a safe distance between her and the other pet. This gives the cat enough time to calm down, giving your dog the cold shoulder.

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Three Norwegian Forest Cats

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

Quite similar to the Maine Coon breed, the Norwegian Forest cat features a muscular and large physique.

This gentle and loving cat has a powerful nurturing instinct. Although it might not ask for attention from other pets in the house, it can get along with the entire family, including dogs.

It may take time for the Norwegian Forest Cat to get familiar with her canine friend, but once it does, they could become inseparable. With patience and a little bit of effort, they can go a long way.

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Japanese Bobtail

4. Japanese Bobtail

Famed for its social side and outgoing temperament, this cat can make a perfect addition to your family. Unlike some other cat breeds, this one really wants to show who is the boss.

They are intelligent, loving, sweet, and active and rarely get intimidated by dogs or puppies. If there is a friendly dog in the house, the Bobtail will assume it is in charge. For it to be on equal footing with another house pet, it will prefer the company of other Bobtails. That way, they will show more of their sweet and soft demeanour.

Living with this cat breed is very easy. They are known to quickly adapt to a new routine as long as they get enough cuddles and attention from their adoptive parents. Although they are not your typical lap cats, they do want to spend time with you as much as possible.


5. Abyssinian

These curious companions are keen on interacting with everything and everyone. Dogs are no exception. They are not competitive either, so they won’t push the dog around just to sit on your lap.

Just because they don’t always show it, it doesn’t mean they don’t love their adoptive parents. On the contrary, the Abyssinian is quite people-oriented and thrives in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Due to their inquisitive and very active persona, they love spending time outside. In time, the cat breed becomes dependent and sociable, enjoying the company. Some kitties grow very attached to their family. So, it is not uncommon for the Abyssinian to grow comfortable with your dog.

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6. Ragdoll

This cat loves to act like a dog. They tend to get super excited when you come back from work and love to greet you at the door. If you don’t give them cuddles, they will follow you around until you give them the attention they crave. Their caring and friendly temperament is not limited to humans. In fact, many Ragdolls also love to spend time with friendly dogs. If they grow very close, they might even want to sleep in the same bed.

Also, this cat loves making new friends. It does enjoy human company more than anything else but it won’t hurt if it has an additional companion. Their laid-back personality makes them incredibly popular and they are known for befriending children, strangers, cats, and dogs.

Compared to some other breeds, Ragdolls are not that territorial and they won’t show aggression when someone oversteps their boundaries. Instead, they like to take it slow and appear like calmer companions.

Another thing to have in mind is that many people call them “puppy cats” because they are incredibly playful, fun, and energetic. They can even learn to play fetch! No wonder why they can befriend dogs. It just might be in their nature.

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Siberian Cat

7. Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat might not be the most devoted cat, but it’s certainly an entertainer. People choose to adopt it because of its high intelligence and athletic ability. They are very adventurous and energetic beings and can hide even in the strangest places. Simply put, they are just a pure bundle of joy to have around the house and a menace too. So, don’t get surprised if you find them hanging over your closet door or swinging from the chandelier.

The cool thing about this cat is that it does well in noisy environments. They also do well with strangers who come to the house. If you introduce them properly, they can cohabitate with dogs as well. If you give them a kitty comrade to play with, there will be no end to their daredevil antics. So, keep the breakable ornaments out of reach and try to entertain your little buddy to avoid a mess.

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8. Tonkinese

Some say the Tonkinese can rival the fetching skills of a Golden Retriever. While it might seem impossible, there is some truth in it. This cat is very active, social, and energetic. They also have an outgoing and affectionate nature and want to get involved in anything you might be doing. Its funny and goofy persona is what really makes it stand out and their friendly attitude makes it a popular choice for families who already have a dog.

The only real setback is that the Tonkinese tends to get bored very easily. So, you might want to get them another cat just to keep them company. Otherwise, the cat turns into a nuclear reactor in your apartment and flips it upside down. In other words, don’t underestimate their boredom if you want to come back to a clean house.

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Maine Coon

9. Maine Coon

This cat breed is famed for its dog-like personality. They are friendly and affectionate, which allows them to build a strong bond with canine companions. Their dog-like disposition, particularly their loyalty and loving nature, makes it very easy for them to befriend dogs. It is not unusual for the cat to play fetch either.

Its unique character is not the only thing that makes this cat popular. Their actual physical appearance is simply jaw-dropping. The Maine Coon has that “wow factor”. Handsome features, fluffy fur, and a long coat. It is difficult not to get attached to these good looks.

When the Maine Coon is still a kitten, it can get very naughty. But, as it grows older, it tends to be more on the rational side. So, they are definitely a joy to have in the home, especially if you already own a dog.

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Dog and cat lying down together


Cats can have a multitude of personalities. Some are energetic and playful; others are aloof and confident. Whatever breed suits you best, it is important that you check whether it can handle dogs, particularly if you already have one in the house. This list here will help you understand the most important characteristics of dog-friendly cats. You can figure out their traits and implement them in your family. Every cat here can make for a perfect companion.