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Pet advice column

Every pet is unique with their own mannerisms and personalities. Whilst this is true, there are certain traits you can expect from each dog and cat breed. Knowing these traits, and common illnesses/issues, can be very helpful whilst choosing a pet.

That’s why we’ve created our individual breed guides to cover important traits including required exercise, lifespan and common illnesses.

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Did you know the average cost of surgery for a pet is £1,500? 

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As veterinary treatment improves year on year, the costs are increasing

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Dog Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

Breeding your dog is a huge responsibility, so it's important that you know how to spot the signs of pregnancy and labour, what to expect, and how to prepare.

What to Expect When You Adopt a Dog

Many people don’t understand that rescue dog adoption is entirely different from getting a new dog as a puppy as rescue dogs. Here’s everything that you need to know about adopting a rescue dog.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Are bananas safe for dogs? The answer is yes! Bananas are a safe snack for dogs as long as they are given to them in moderation.

New Dog Abduction Law

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of reported dog thefts increased by 170%! This increase has led the UK government to review and change laws regarding dog theft.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Eating a small amount of cherries may not harm your dog, but larger quantities, or the pits and stems, can cause serious problems, so it is best to avoid them.

Packing the Ultimate First Aid Kit for Your Dog

First aid kits for dogs typically include cotton, gauze, eyewash, antiseptic, and a set of essential medicines. Having this with you at all times will help you react immediately and help your dog when they're in need.

UK's 7 Dog Breed Groups

As of 2021, The Kennel Club recognises 221 breeds in total, each with a unique set of traits, temperaments and personalities. These breeds are classified into seven categories: Pastoral, gundog, hound, utility, terrier, working and toy.

Common Cat Parasites

Parasites can affect all cats, whether they're indoors or outside. From ticks to hookworm, what should you look out for and how can you treat them?

How to crate train a pet

One of the best things you can do when introducing a pet to a new home is to get them crate trained. In this blog, we will explain why this is and how you should go about it.

Did you know, your pet eating chocolate could lead to treatment and an overnight stay which may cost over £600?

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